Finding relief for dry winter skin can be challenging. It is so important to keep your skin hydrated during these harsh weather months to prevent dry and chapped skin. In addition to drinking lots of water, there are some incredible TIZO products that will help keep your skin in great shape this winter.


Start every morning and nighttime routine off with TIZO Foaming Cleanser to gently cleanse your skin and prepare it for the other products in your regimen. This cleanser is pH balanced and is great for removing anything that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day or night without drying out or stripping the skin of essential oils. The key ingredients include niacinamide, taurine, glycerin, and cucumber extract. These ingredients help brighten and soften the skin. 

TIZO Environmental Skin Protectant is the best product for winter skin relief. Formulated with 3% dimethicone, bisabolol, and copper peptides, this product is specifically designed to create a light, silky barrier between your skin and any environmental conditions. It helps relieve chapped or cracked skin and protects from the drying effects of wind and cold weather – we are here for you, Chicago! So not only does it help soothe and repair dry, compromised skin, it works as a barrier to protect from future dryness. This is also a great product for use under your mask. By creating that barrier, it can really help with what has become known as “maskne.”

TIZO Renewable Moisturizer is a soothing, light-weight hydrator. The key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, bisabolol, and glycerin. As you know, hyaluronic acid is a superstar ingredient that helps replenish the skin’s moisturizing factor. Bisabolol soothes the skin, as it’s extracted from chamomile. Again, a great ingredient for tackling dry winter skin that needs a little extra love. What you’ll love about this product is that you can spritz a little bit of water or facial mist on your face, and the moisture in the product will renew itself, allowing you to boost the hydration of the product (and your skin) without having to reapply!

We talk about this a lot, but we must reiterate the importance of protecting your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, even in the winter. This means that you must wear a good broad spectrum sunscreen even when everything outside is dim and cold. Thankfully, we have a hydrating mineral sunscreen that keeps you moisturized and protected. TIZO Ultra Zinc SPF 40 features 20% zinc oxide, which helps calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin. It also has a beautiful dewy finish that will keep your skin looking super hydrated all winter long. Pro tip: this sunscreen is also great for use after a chemical peel!


Now’s a great time to get going on your New Year’s Resolution. Why not make it to take great care of your skin this year, starting with battling against one of the toughest seasons on the skin: winter. And don’t worry; we are here for you for all your winter – and spring, and summer, and fall – skincare needs!

TIZO® Foaming Cleanser is formulated with Taurine, Niacinamide and Cucumber Extract and is pH balanced to be gentle on all skin types.  It is designed to effectively remove products from the skin as well as pollution and particulate matter. It also prepares the skin to receive the performance ingredients in TIZO’s Photoceutical® regimen. This formula leaves skin refreshed and clean without being stripped of essential oils. Softer, more supple skin is revealed.

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UVA Rays Penetrate Glass & Clouds

Unlike UVB rays which are much stronger during the summer months, UVA rays are present and strong all year around. And no matter the season, UVA Rays (aging rays) penetrate glass and clouds. So, whether you’re driving in your car, sitting in your office, or taking a walk outside you will want to protect your skin from these damaging rays that cause fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll want to make sure you use a sunscreen that is broad spectrum, which indicates that it protects from both UVB and UVA rays. TIZO Sheer Botanicals SPF 45 is a fantastic non-tinted product with a high SPF to protect you all year around. It’s great for both the face and the body and has a demi-matte finish that anybody can wear comfortably. 


Decrease Risk of Skin Cancer

An alarming 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. And just because 70 may seem so far away, doesn’t mean that that statistic isn’t cause for concern. Especially when you consider that having 5 or more sunburns doubles your risk of getting skin cancer. In fact, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than every other cancer combined. The best way to protect yourself is by wearing a great sunscreen daily, all year around. There are many factors to a great sunscreen: SPF value, being broad spectrum, and being a delight to wear. That’s why we suggest TIZO3 SPF 40. It’s tinted and feels and acts as a makeup primer. It makes wearing sunscreen everyday so easy and an absolute delight. 

The Sun Is Still Shining

Even though it is technically Fall now, the sun doesn’t know that! It is still shining bright and emitting those strong UVA and UVB rays. It is so important to continue to get outside in the fresh air this season. Taking a long walk is great for your mental and physical health, and if you’re in the northeast like us, that crisp air just breathes life into the season. If the air is a little drier and crisper where you’re at, TIZO AM Replenish SPF 40 is incredible for retaining your skin’s natural moisture. It’s that perfect transition sunscreen from Summer to Fall. 

After countless requests from our customers, TIZO Eye Renewal is now available! Your eyes are the focal point of your face and they deserve every bit of attention you can give them. Unfortunately, they are often neglected and commonly missed when applying a daily SPF. With an SPF 20, TIZO Eye Renewal is the first line of defense for this crucial area of your face. Even those who use sunscreen regularly can be timid near the delicate skin around their eyes and end up brushing past them. TIZO Eye Renewal contains 9% gentle zinc oxide, making it fantastic for this area of sensitive skin, protecting against both UVA and UVB rays.  This product is also safe to apply under, above and around the eye area.

I use sunscreen every day and apply it beneath my eyes, how is this different?

TIZO Eye Renewal is packed with ingredients that make it easy to care for and protect your skin. This formula is designed to boost your skin’s collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the help of a multi-peptide complex. Multi-peptides also help reduce inflammation, so this eye cream is a must-have for those with puffy eyes. TIZO Eye Renewal also includes a botanical blend of caffeine reactive, algae extract and Sambucus Negri flower extract to help firm and smooth skin around the eye area. The addition of selenium ferment provides antioxidant benefits, helping to neutralize free radicals before they can lead to wrinkles.  Like all TIZO mineral protection products, this formula is free of chemical sunscreen filters, dyes, fragrances, preservatives, phthalates and parabens so it won’t irritate this extra-sensitive area.

With TIZO Eye Renewal you can expect a high-quality product with the luxurious feeling and benefits that come along with all your other TIZO products. This silky-smooth eye cream spreads easily, feels smooth to the touch, and won’t interfere with your makeup. It comes in an easy to use pump so you can use every last drop.  The eye area ages faster than the rest of the skin on your face, so it’s never too early to begin protecting and caring for it. With the power of physical sunscreen blockers and anti-aging ingredients, TIZO Eye Renewal is the perfect complement to your skin care routine when it comes to sun protection and anti-aging action.

A hot summer already takes a major toll on your skin with heat rash, sweat, and bug bites, but this summer has presented us with another challenge that nobody was expecting. Enter another external force that has been added to your list of things that can irritate your skin: your mask. If you are one of the many people wearing a mask every time you leave your house, you may have noticed that it has resulted in what has been dubbed “maskne.”

Maskne is the buildup of acne and dead skin as a result of increased irritation around the nose and mouth. When you wear a mask all day, hot breath and sweat are trapped against your face. Additional rubbing from the mask further irritates the skin and eventually leads to acne. For some, maskne isn’t new. Medical professionals who are used to wearing a mask for extensive hours or even athletes who compete with protective headgear have long been exposed to maskne.

However, many of us are new to wearing a mask and the side effects that come along with wearing them. We want to do the right thing and wear a mask out in public, but our skin shouldn’t need to suffer for it. Washing your face periodically throughout the day is a great way to cleanse your pores and remove some of the sweat, dirt, and oil trapped underneath your mask. This is the best way to prevent acne from forming. Another option is to bring along cleansing wipes or blotting sheets to try absorbing some of the oil on your skin.

Let’s talk about the ingredients. TIZO Environmental Skin Protectant contains 3% dimethicone which is used to help hydrate and smooth out the skin while protecting against excess moisture. It also prevents the skin from cracking. Bisabolol is a chamomile extract which functions as an anti-irritant. It will not remove bacteria from the skin but will help reduce inflammation. And finally, Copper Peptides will boost collagen which helps to strengthen and restore the natural elasticity of the skin, and they also help with moisturization.

Environmental Skin Protectant will help protect your skin throughout the day by strengthening, hydrating, and reducing inflammation. When used under your mask with the help of thorough cleansing, you can send unsightly and uncomfortable maskne on its way!

When I tell people I had cancer at the age of 20, most automatically react with “but you were so young!” or “what a terrible thing to go through so early in life.” The “being young” part may be true, and it was an experience I’ll never forget, but in hindsight I’m not so sure that it was “terrible.” I was diagnosed when I was only 20 years old, but I look back now and realize that having melanoma before I was even considered an “of age” adult in the U.S. was a complete blessing in disguise.

At the age of seventeen I was like most girls that age; I was insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. As a fair featured redhead, I was often teased for having such a light complexion. By the time I was a senior in high school I was fed up with being ridiculed, so I began visiting tanning booths. Within a few weeks I had the bronze complexion that most people long for, and I was determined to stay that way. So for the next three years I went tanning once a week and hit the beaches every opportunity I had.

During my sophomore year at college and two weeks before my 20th birthday, I came home and went to my doctors for a routine physical. While I was there I pointed out a mole on my stomach that had begun to get dark and itched on occasion. My doctor argued with me, encouraging me to “leave it be,” but even at the age of 19 I knew something was wrong. I wouldn’t leave the office until she wrote me the referral to see the surgeon.

So I quickly went in, had the mole removed and hit the tanning beds the same day. Two weeks later, when I went in to have my stitches taken out, I was informed I had Stage 2 Malignant Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The doctor explained that steps would now have to be taken to ensure the cancer had not spread inside my body. Here I was, 20 years old, wondering if I was going to die.

I left the doctor’s office in a haze and immediately began crying. I called my parents, who tried to console me, although I could hear the terror in my mother’s voice. Her 20-year-old daughter had just been told she had cancer. I still can’t imagine what that was like for her to hear.

The next two months were filled with doctor consultations, blood tests, radioactive dye injections, and the most embarrassing appointment of my life. I would be asked to stand completely naked in a doctor’s office while every inch of my body was photographed for documentation purposes.

A month later on February 14th, 2004, I would head to Wing Memorial Hospital in Western Massachusetts to undergo my first surgery. The procedure took three hours, included the removal of eight lymph nodes and 75 stitches, and left me with four disfiguring scars. After my surgery I would be forced to wait for two weeks before hearing whether or not my lymph nodes were “clear.” Eventually I received a call from my surgeon with the good news that I was cancer-free.

Relief quickly spread over the Rothschild household, but my personal struggle was far from over. In a quest to obtain unobtainable beauty I had permanently disfigured myself, and the next year would be filled with endless tears and heartache. I began hating my body even more than I did in high school and I blamed myself for my poor lifestyle choices. How could I have done this to myself? My inability to accept my body was the reason I had cancer and I couldn’t cope with my self-hatred.

In May of 2005, a junior in college, I was asked to write a piece on my experience for a magazine I was freelancing for in Newport, RI. I realized it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and to help other women dealing with the same body image issues I had dealt with for years. I posed on the cover of the magazine baring nothing but my scar and wrote a two-page spread detailing my story.

Since then I have been on a crusade to help stop other women from making the same mistakes I did. I have been featured in countless local and regional publications and the more nationally recognized Marie Claire Magazine, Teen Vogue, Fitness Magazine and given an award by Cosmopolitan Magazine for my efforts in melanoma awareness. I have appeared in countless PSAs, including one of 2011’s most-shared ads, Dear 16-Year-Old Me.

Through my work, I hope I have saved lives. I am a huge advocate for sunscreen wearing, and TIZO is one of my all-time favorite sun-protective products. Learn from my mistakes. Here we are, in Melanoma Awareness Month and the weather is heating up and becoming more beautiful every day. Protect your skin, it’s your body’s largest organ and the only skin you’ve got.

Meghan Rothschild is the President & CBO (Chief Badass) of Chikmedia, a full-service Marketing & PR firm. She has been a spokesperson for melanoma awareness for over 15 years. You can read more about her via her website,, or by following her on Instagram @outwithmeghan.

With the holidays (and Winter) quickly approaching, I don’t know about you, but I am ready to slough off all the dead skin cells and deeply exfoliate my skin. My favorite way to do this is with an effective peel. The feeling my skin gets after a peel, especially with the changing of the seasons, is so satisfying. Any time the seasons are changing, it leaves my skin feeling strange and heavy. Summer into Fall is always a great time for a peel because you’re wanting to rid your skin of all that sun damage accumulated through vacations, lounging in your friend’s pool on weekends, and lunch breaks sitting outside. But what about from Fall to Winter? For me, I feel like my skin hits its dullest point around Mid-November. Additionally, I really start to think about all those holiday parties and family gatherings that are about to start happening. And that only means one thing: I need beautiful skin!

This year, I used TIZO AHA 10% Retinol Peel System to combat all these environmental changes. What I love about our peel is that it addresses all the issues I’m looking to remedy and more: dullness, acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. This peel doubles down with ingredients within the peel and then follows up with an amazing retinol to aid in the peeling process. With the actual peel, lactic and mandelic acids work together to help smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles, regulate sebum production, and accelerate cell turnover. Licorice extract is a safe remedy for brightening hyper-pigmented skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

After finishing the application and removal of the peel, you then apply TIZO’s unique 10% Retinol Blend. I love this part! This is the highest retinol percentage that we have found on the market. While 10% retinol might scare you, this peel is both safe and super effective. Let’s talk about that for a second. We use our Skin Firm Technology®, an anhydrous and breathable vehicle, to safely deliver the retinol into the skin in a time-released manner. If you are looking for a car insurance to travel to mexico, visit site. This intensifies the peeling of the skin and can be left on for up to 8 hours to determine how dramatic the peeling will be. This is what makes the TIZO Peel System so unique and effective.

This peel is so great because it addresses so many issues with just one system. It brightens. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It helps with acne. It reduces the appearance of pigmentation changes. It evens out the texture of the skin. It leaves the skin looking and feeling smoother. And it. Is. Amazing. The results that we have gotten from clients using it are unbelievable. And to top it all off, we now have a Post-Procedure Kit to give to your patients for at-home use to aid with the healing process safely and effectively.

Being an esthetician, I always make sure my clients know the importance of wearing sunscreen daily. The biggest misconception about sunscreen is that you only need to wear it on sunny days spent at the beach or pool. Living in Pennsylvania, it is sometimes difficult to convince people to wear it every day. Here’s where it gets dark: I was one of those people. I know, cringe. Despite my training, I knew had a sunscreen allergy. Or so I thought.

The moment that any sunscreen would hit my skin, I would begin breaking out in hives, and even sometimes get a rash that would last several days. Eventually, I stopped wearing SPF all together, including on those beach days. The horror, right?

It wasn’t until I interviewed with TIZO that the truth came out. During the interview process, I told them all about how sunscreen is so important and I’m super passionate about skin care, and happy to sell the product even if I couldn’t wear it. Confused looks spread across the room, immediately followed by understanding. They quickly explained the difference between a chemical and mineral sunscreen and suggested that I give SPF one last chance with an all-mineral product that wouldn’t cause irritation.

With some trepidation, I did try it out and, lo and behold, no reaction! Through additional education on the mineral difference, I have come to love the TIZO product line as a whole. This time of year, when everything starts to dry out (the leaves, my skin, my patience), I turn to TIZO AM Replenish Tinted SPF 40. I love this lightweight sunscreen because of the added ceramides that help retain the moisture in my skin. Its silky matte finish doubles as my makeup primer, so it fits effortlessly into my morning routine.

Without the use of oils or fragrances, it doesn’t feel, or smell, like you’re wearing sunscreen. I find it to be the best gateway product for those who don’t typically include SPF into their daily regimen. It even comes non-tinted for anybody who isn’t really into a tint.

If anybody wants to give this product a try, call into the office and talk to your representative. Use my code HORROR19 to receive a free TIZO AM Replenish Tinted or Non-Tinted with your next order. Offer expires 11/1/19.

After graduating high school, I attended East Stroudsburg University. After two years, I discovered that my true passion was skincare, so I transitioned to Toni and Guy Esthetics Academy in Ambler, Pennsylvania. From there, I ran my own skincare business out of a local salon where I specialized in chemical peels and teenage acne control. Upon discovering TIZO Sunscreen and Skincare, I have been able to further my passion for skincare by selling and educating on a line that I truly believe in.

Aside from Esthetics, I love to travel and explore new foods with my family and friends. I am also a proud Bocce player. My dad and I started a team and have been playing together for the last 10 years. My four-year-old rescue cat, Tushi, has my whole heart.

What inspired you to become an esthetician?
Growing up, my father always gifted my mom a spa day for Mother’s Day every year, and she always brought my sister and I along. I always looked forward to those days because it was so nice to have a fun and relaxing girls day. My skin always felt amazing and my spirit uplifted after a facial, so I wanted to be able to provide the same happiness for others. Whether somebody comes to me for relaxation or to correct a skin issue, I want my clients to feel amazing and beautiful after a treatment, just like I always did.

What is your favorite treatment to perform on a client?
I love microneedling paired with a great serum. I always love getting microneedled because I can really feel what is happening to my skin, and I know that it is reassuring to a patient to feel that the treatment is working.

What is the most important thing a client can do to maintain healthy skin?
My top three recommendations to maintain healthy skin are: drink a ton of water, moisturize daily, and wear a great mineral SPF.

What are your favorite anti-aging tips or ingredients?
I always tell my clients to use a great eye cream and any products with Vitamin C. I remember being 9 or 10 years old when my mom got me my first eye cream. She told me to use it daily and thank her later. I still use one and thank her often for the early education.