Masks are In. And With TIZO, Maskne is Out!

July 21, 2020

A hot summer already takes a major toll on your skin with heat rash, sweat, and bug bites, but this summer has presented us with another challenge that nobody was expecting. Enter another external force that has been added to your list of things that can irritate your skin: your mask. If you are one of the many people wearing a mask every time you leave your house, you may have noticed that it has resulted in what has been dubbed “maskne.”

Maskne is the buildup of acne and dead skin as a result of increased irritation around the nose and mouth. When you wear a mask all day, hot breath and sweat are trapped against your face. Additional rubbing from the mask further irritates the skin and eventually leads to acne. For some, maskne isn’t new. Medical professionals who are used to wearing a mask for extensive hours or even athletes who compete with protective headgear have long been exposed to maskne.

However, many of us are new to wearing a mask and the side effects that come along with wearing them. We want to do the right thing and wear a mask out in public, but our skin shouldn’t need to suffer for it. Washing your face periodically throughout the day is a great way to cleanse your pores and remove some of the sweat, dirt, and oil trapped underneath your mask. This is the best way to prevent acne from forming. Another option is to bring along cleansing wipes or blotting sheets to try absorbing some of the oil on your skin.

Let’s talk about the ingredients. TIZO Environmental Skin Protectant contains 3% dimethicone which is used to help hydrate and smooth out the skin while protecting against excess moisture. It also prevents the skin from cracking. Bisabolol is a chamomile extract which functions as an anti-irritant. It will not remove bacteria from the skin but will help reduce inflammation. And finally, Copper Peptides will boost collagen which helps to strengthen and restore the natural elasticity of the skin, and they also help with moisturization.

Environmental Skin Protectant will help protect your skin throughout the day by strengthening, hydrating, and reducing inflammation. When used under your mask with the help of thorough cleansing, you can send unsightly and uncomfortable maskne on its way!