My (Former) Sunscreen Horror Story

October 16, 2019

Being an esthetician, I always make sure my clients know the importance of wearing sunscreen daily. The biggest misconception about sunscreen is that you only need to wear it on sunny days spent at the beach or pool. Living in Pennsylvania, it is sometimes difficult to convince people to wear it every day. Here’s where it gets dark: I was one of those people. I know, cringe. Despite my training, I knew had a sunscreen allergy. Or so I thought.

The moment that any sunscreen would hit my skin, I would begin breaking out in hives, and even sometimes get a rash that would last several days. Eventually, I stopped wearing SPF all together, including on those beach days. The horror, right?

It wasn’t until I interviewed with TIZO that the truth came out. During the interview process, I told them all about how sunscreen is so important and I’m super passionate about skin care, and happy to sell the product even if I couldn’t wear it. Confused looks spread across the room, immediately followed by understanding. They quickly explained the difference between a chemical and mineral sunscreen and suggested that I give SPF one last chance with an all-mineral product that wouldn’t cause irritation.

With some trepidation, I did try it out and, lo and behold, no reaction! Through additional education on the mineral difference, I have come to love the TIZO product line as a whole. This time of year, when everything starts to dry out (the leaves, my skin, my patience), I turn to TIZO AM Replenish Tinted SPF 40. I love this lightweight sunscreen because of the added ceramides that help retain the moisture in my skin. Its silky matte finish doubles as my makeup primer, so it fits effortlessly into my morning routine.

Without the use of oils or fragrances, it doesn’t feel, or smell, like you’re wearing sunscreen. I find it to be the best gateway product for those who don’t typically include SPF into their daily regimen. It even comes non-tinted for anybody who isn’t really into a tint.

If anybody wants to give this product a try, call into the office and talk to your representative. Use my code HORROR19 to receive a free TIZO AM Replenish Tinted or Non-Tinted with your next order. Offer expires 11/1/19.