Protect File Expert

December 19, 2022

Secure Document Pro can be an internet website designed to help consumers send and receive documents in a secure way. Users can easily choose to send documents in the form of email or perhaps upload them to the web. Using this secure technique will decrease the risk of personality theft.

Safeguarded File Pro works together most browsers and computers, including Windows and Macs. The system makes for the secure transmission of up to 500MB of documents at a time. However , it does not support video or perhaps audio files.

Meant for clients, it usually is beneficial to manage to share tax forms with their tax preparers in a safeguarded manner. Protected File Pro provides this kind of functionality and helps to ensure that significant tax details is certainly not accidentally sent to a bad person.

To create your Secure File Pro account, you may need a unique username and password. The system will provide you with an email link that will be valid for twenty four hours. The web page will also inform you if the email has been viewed or not.

Once you’ve logged into Safeguarded File Pro, click on the ‘Inbox’ tab. The inbox displays a main grid of all the Secure File Exchanges. Alternatively, you can search for a Safeguarded File Exchange. This will allow you to sort, download, or change the record. If you want to delete a Secure Document Exchange, you may select the Erase button. If you wish to totally reset your password, you can use the email link.