How is the Environmental Skin Protectant intended to be used in a skin routine? Can this be used as a daily nighttime moisturizer and are there any ingredients that shouldn’t be used alongside with this such as azelaic acid or AHA treatments?

June 27, 2023

Thanks for your questions about TiZO Environmental Skin Protectant. This is a wonderful product that is really designed to protect the skin from chafing, cold and wind. While it does help to relieve chapped skin when that occurs, it really isn’t intended to be used as part of an ongoing skin regimen.

If you are using azelaic acid to treat a condition such as rosacea or acne, we’d recommend that you ask your physician about using it with TiZO Environmental Skin Protectant. Glycolic acid and retinol can at times be irritating, so they could counteract the soothing and protective benefits you are getting from TiZO Environmental Skin Protectant.

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