I just saw a news program about food additive chemicals banned in Europe. Titanium Dioxide is one of the ingredients. How safe is it to wear on the skin versus ingesting?

June 27, 2023

• Titanium Dioxide is a very safe and effective sunscreen ingredient. It is one of only two (2) active sunscreen ingredients that are currently regarded by the Food & Drug Administration as GRASE (Generally Regarded as Safe and Effective). The other is Zinc Oxide. Titanium Dioxide applied topically does not absorb into the skin, and does not absorb into the bloodstream, so it does not have safety concerns.

• The concerns that have been raised in the lawsuit against Mars (maker of Skittles) and in the European ban relate specifically to titanium dioxide’s use as a food additive, where it is ingested. It is a totally different situation than a topically applied sunscreen that remains on top of the skin. The EU has not banned titanium dioxide in cosmetics.

• However, the EU has restricted the use of titanium dioxide in loose powders and aerosols, given concerns about loose titanium dioxide particles being inhaled into the body. TiZO does not sell any spray or loose powder sunscreens because of this concern.

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