(Tizo Ultra Zinc) What’s the purpose of the bismuth oxychloride?

June 27, 2023

The bismuth oxychloride is in the Ultra Zinc to enhance its dewy finish. Bismuth Oxychloride may be an irritant to some when the powder is applied directly to the skin, or in products with high percentages (>20%), like pressed face powders. However, when used in blended liquid products, irritancy drops significantly or to non-existent.

Our product, TiZO Ultra Zinc -Tinted was clinically tested by a 3rd party for irritation potential. This test “Assessment of Skin Primary and Cumulative Irritation Potential and Skin Sensitization Potential” was performed on 50 subjects having the following results:

• The product did not induce a skin primary and cumulative irritation in the study group.
• The product did not induce skin sensitization in the study group.
• The product is considered safe.

Conclusion: Our product is not irritating and does not cause sensitization.

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